The Karland of Kilian (b. Bruil 12, 8784 AI) is a Fourth Age Imrhys man. He is the leader of the country of Kilian and a member of the Zierathan Alliance, which he serves as the Speaker of the Council of Nobles.

As with all Imrhys, the Karland has lived a very long time. While many events in his life have been recorded, there are still many that have yet to be recorded.

The Fourth Gnarrhys WarEdit

At the Zierathan Council of Nobles meeting on Noon Year 1, 13708 AI, Zierath told of his Boding Time Sense dream. (Zierath: Lord of the Alliance chap. 9) When Zierath snuck off, the Karland, Ambrosius, and Annie were left in charge. (Zierath: Lord of the Alliance chap 10)



Character created by Karland Kilian

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