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This wiki focuses in on the world created by M. David Loyal and his comrades at the Zierath Alliance. This will be a 'source book' for interested fan, future contracted writers, and a place for keeping the continuity true.


'Warning: These Guidelines give away many plot lines and surprises in the Castle Zierath World. 'If you wish to be surprised by the novels, read with care.

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The Castle Zierath world is an extensive fantasy world, created over years with contributions by many people, all under the supervision of author M. David Loyal. This wiki is designed to give information about the world, its occupants, and the creative people who have contributed to the world over the years. It will be a source for writing guidelines and permissions, timelines, character descriptions, role playing game systems and statistics, and discussions.

Many of the articles will be 'works in progress' as we head towards getting new material published, but once it is published under the 'Castle Zierath' copywrite, it becomes full 'canon.'

This wiki will probably always be a 'work-in-progress,' and new information will be continually added and modified as the stories solidify, but we look forward to entertaining and informing you in Castle Zierath.

Creative Endeavors/Published or Soon to be Published Works

Writing Guidelines and Limitations

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Copywrite Notice

Everything posted here on the Castle Zierath wiki is copywrited property of M. David Loyal and the Zierath Alliance Creative Consortium.

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