MacBain Angus

Angus MacBain

Angus MacBain (b. Juni 9, 13678 AI) was a human man. He was a Zierathan Knight and a companion of Zierath.

Angus was born in MacBain Castle in the Hylands of Zierathdom.

As a child, Angus was a very bright, well-read, and a talented artist. When he was 13, the Imrhys lord Zierath visited MacBain Castle as an honored guest for the Holidaze celebrations. Zierath caught Angus drawing a caricature of him. Zierath laughed and the two of them hit it off. Zierath encouraged Angus's artwork, but Angus's heart was set on a knighthood. (events described in Zierath: Lord of the Alliance chap. 12)

Angus completed his secondary education at age sixteen, and then entered the military. His acceptance into the Zierathan Knights had made his parents very proud. Zierath wrote one of his recommendations. (event described in Zierath: Lord of the Alliance chap. 12)

Angus had risen quickly through the ranks and was extremely competent at both the combat and the magic in which the Zierathan Knights were trained.  When Angus was twenty, Zierath tapped the knight for his personal bodyguard. Why Zierath needed a bodyguard baffled Angus. The knight traveled with his lord wherever Zierath went, and soon figured out that Zierath was looking for friendship and someone to link him to the world of mortals. (events described Zierath: Lord of the Alliance chap. 12)

The Fourth Gnarrhys War

When Zierath snuck away from Castle Zierath at the beginning of the Fourth Gnarrhys War, beings, including several people from the Lands of the Rickster and Deanne. They continued to Maz City and stay with Maz. (Zierath: Lord of the Alliance chap. 12) They boarded the Jolly Elmo and headed off towards the Isles of Hovde. (Zierath: Lord of the Alliance chap 13) Angus was in the Battle of Hoffner Palace.

Character created by M. David Loyal


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