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Andr'u by M. David Loyal

Andr'u (b. Dekruary 3, 10125 AI) is a Fifth Age Imrhys man. He is the brother of Mik'l, Dav'd, Dan'l the Wang, Pet'r, Mar'ee, and Jos'f. He is the Duke of Druwan. He has been the Paladin Prime of the Zierathan Alliance.

Fictional Character HistoryEdit

As an Imrhys, Andr'u has lived an extremely long time. While many of the events in his life have been recorded, many have not.

Fourth Gnarrhys WarEdit

At the time of the Fourth Gnarrhys War, Andr'u is the Paladin Prime of the Zierathan Alliance. Zierath left him instructions to deliver a holodisk to Annie on the day Zierath snuck out of Castle Zierath. (Zierath: Lord of the Alliance chapter 10)

When Andr'u delivered the holodisk, he received the brunt of Annie's displeasure. (Chronicles of Castle Zierath chapter 1: Andr'u)



Character Created by Andrew Wang

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