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Ambrosius by M. David Loyal

Ambrosius (b. Scotbode 1, 8566 AI) is a Fourth Age Imrhys man. He is the King of Kennius and a member of the Zierathan Alliance.

Ambrosius was born to the Kennius Tribe on the northeaster pennisula of Scottlund.

Character Fictional HistoryEdit


While out hunting with his tribe the Kennius, Ambrosius got too close to a bison. The bison charged, and Ambrosius used his power to create a force screen. Ambrosius was completely freaked out by his new power and fled into the wilderness.


Deenev heard about the newly Awakened Imrhys and went to Scottlund to find him. He reluctantly accompanies her to Rado to begin his education.

Sailing Around SeefellEdit

Ambrosius, Dykstra, the Karland, Dan'l and Zierath take a voyage around the continent of Seefell from 8967 AI through 8987 AI.

Freedom Fighter

When Ambrosius returned to the Kennius tribe, he discovered that his tribe and many of the other small tribes were in pitched battle against Ylvisakeran troops as the troops tried to wipe out the khobald tribes the Kennius shared the land with. When Ambrosius tried to see Ylvisaker, he was attacked and nearly overwhelmed, but he managed to escape. Ambrosius and his returning friend Zierath, under the guise of the Scottsman, started organizing local militias to battle the Ylvisaker troops.

Ylvisaker turns to the Imrhys seeress Annie, who was able to use her Boding Time Sense to figure out where Zierath and Ambrosius were going to be with their troops. Ylvisaker battled them, and realized that Zierath is the Scottsman. Zierath and Ambrosius escaped again.

Jen of the Hylands, Dan'l, the Karland of Kilian, and Dykstra worked together to get the two sides to calm down enough for the Ylvisaker-Ambrosius Peace Summit. On A Day Between Years 0, 9001 AI, Jen invited the warring leaders Ylvisaker, Ambrosius and Zierath to the Fortress of the Hylands. Under the watchful eyes of many concerned Imrhys, they discussed many things. Ambrosius and Zierath brought in many witnesses and victims. Ylvisaker’s eyes were opened.

Ylvisaker’s racist generals attempted a coup, which is quickly overcome by the Imrhys and several officers and soldiers.

The Zierathan AllianceEdit

Ambrosius started his term as the Grand Vizier of the Zierathan Alliance starting A Day Between Years, 13707 AI. (mentioned in Zierath: Lord of the Alliance chap 2)

The Fourth Gnarrhys WarEdit

When Zierath left the Castle, he left Ambrosius, Annie, and the Karland in charge of the Alliance. Ambrosius accepted the charge with good grace. (Zierath: Lord of the Alliance chap 10)

Created by Kenneth Ambrosius



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